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February 25, 2010
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Escape Pod by Ravenswd Escape Pod by Ravenswd
This is my entry for :iconsparklydest:'s EMTContest. [link] The theme is sparkles.

When *Mirz123 and I were working on her entry for this contest, we were originally going to have the stars twinkling. I couldn't get the effect to work quickly enough so Mirz took it in another direction. The results can be seen here: [link]

I was determined to finish the effect, and Mirz said I should work it into a different deviation and submit it to the contest. My original idea was to have an emote on a raft lost at sea. After seeing the final rendering of the starry sky, it looked more like space, so I decided to go with the same theme, but have an emote in an escape pod, drifting in space. He's enjoying the view while he waits for the rescue ship.

Credit to :iconmirz123: for the emote base and help with the ship. She pretty much coached me on how to pixel / dither the whole thing.

Note to IE users: There appears to be a "skip" in the animation. This is not a problem with the graphic, but an issue with the way IE handles large animated gifs. If you use Firefox, you shouldn't have any problem.

UPDATE: I won second place in the contest.

SECOND UPDATE: I'm honored and excited that this piece received a Daily Deviation. I'd like to thank *Mirz123 and =SparklyDest for recommending it (and anyone else who did, those are the only two I know of) and ^catluvr2 for featuring it. Also, a big thank-you to all of my watchers and people who've favorited it.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2010-03-07
Escape Pod by *Ravenswd is an amazing piece of animation. The background is simply stunning to look at. You can really get the sense of awe that the emote feels, as well as feeling its loneliness. Words by suggester. ( Suggested by Mirz123 and Featured by catluvr2 )
Calming and epic-ally beautiful
This is delightful, I love it:rose:
SerperiorScientist Jul 13, 2013  Student Writer
May he float on...... for the rest of his life.
:noes: No, he needs to get back to earth!

He has an overdue library book.
SerperiorScientist Jul 13, 2013  Student Writer
OMG! Funny!
ii reallyy loveeee ittt:)))
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